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My blog post about IJustine

Meet Ijustine aka Justine Ezarik. Don’t know who she is? That’s fine, up until about 9pm last night,  when I stumbled upon her in twitter’s who to follow  tab, I had no idea who this woman was either.

not a photoshop, though how can Snoop Dog see out of those glasses?

She’s an internet celebrity who rose to fame back in 2007 with her 300 page Iphone bill video. In essence she makes videos and posts them on her youtube channel. Her videos seem to be all “Hey boys, I’m Ijustine, I’m hot and doing nerd things, look at me!” Her twitter feed @ijustine has over a million followers.

As far as I can tell, her fame is predicated on a simple social phenomenon, lack of hot female nerds, or rather, hot female nerds who are palatable to the average male nerd, ie. non-threatening . Being a non-threatening hot female nerd, she gets worshiped.

Hey boys, look at my body and ignore the fact that I’m an obviously talented graphic designer and video editor with a college degree. P.S. Do you know I play video games? ^_^

Now to my run in with her. This isn’t some long epic flamewar, she merely posted two tweets at me, but they say a lot. For my tweets leading up, I’ll just text post my own relevant tweets, as there are many and I don’t want to drag my followers into this.

My first tweet: I’m confused as to exactly what @ijustine did to get famous other than being hot and female in an otherwise male dominated nerd culture?

Note the @ijustine, that was intentional so my followers know who the hell I’m talking about, it also means she’d see the post.

A few Tweets later: @(follower) oh and @otherijustine will respond to tweets from lonely nerds. Probably tweeting @ijustine enough may even get a response.

@otherjustine is her twitter response account. My guess for this is to keep her main twitter feed clean.

Now it would be dishonest not to share this tweet (in response to hey guys what’s up): @(2nd follower) bashing @ijustine.

I’m playing with fire, but hey, I’m having a little fun, besides celebrities get hate mail and flames all the time and most of them, if they’re smart, shrug it off. I have a continued conversation with this second follower, and then I get to this gem:

Note my response, in which I tell her that I know she works hard(and she does) and I was just having a little fun a her expense, which I obviously was, which my followers seemed to get.

But this tweet is still telling.  In a series of tweet I state: Basically Ijustine proved my entire point because deep down inside, she knows why she’s famous and fame is fickle. Why else would she feel the need to lash out at a nobody. I am a nobody, last night I had a little over 2100 followers, most of the internet doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall. I must have pushed a button.

This was my conclusion when I went to bed about 11pm.

Then I woke up to this:

So wait, she responded to me simply because she could?
There’s two ways to read this:

First, she’s none too bright, walking right into an obvious trap, communicating simply because she can. I say as such in my response: @otherijustine but social media often require brain cell usage as well(read more of my tweets about you).

But upon further reflection, I came to an epiphany: She’s being professional. She really doesn’t care about what I said and took the bait intentionally to give me some fun at her expense.

But if she is being professional, then her popularity is still troublesome.

You can be more than this

I only even started tweeting about her because I wish we lived in a world where being a hot female nerd catering to lonely male nerds not does not make you famous in and of itself. And even more, assuming her behavior is largely an act Ijustine acts ditzy in her videos because she wouldn’t be as popular if she acted intelligent. If she acted smart and independent, she’d be intimidating to lonely male nerds and smart women are a no-no to men in our society. Women like Ijustine prove that while women might have come a long way from being chattel, but they have a long way to go to being equal.

I hope one day women like her can be sexy and popular without having to dumb themselves down.


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