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Next Project: The Animal Zombie Apocalypse

I’ve decided I’m going to alternate releasing a K23 title and a non-k23 title. It gives time for books to sell and be read as well as stretch my writing muscles. I won’t ever improve as a writer if I stick to one thing. So after Sandworm Rodeo, I’m going to write and release a zombie book with a little twist.

Zombies are really popular, but when most  talk about zombies, they’re  talking about the human kind. Very rarely do zombies of other species ever pop up, and if they do, they’re generally of the canine variety. While there are books with  other kinds of zombie animals in it, such as Dead Seas by Brian Keene, the undead animals take a back seat to the humans.


The Animal Zombie Apocalypse is going to ask the question, what would happen if every vertebrate(animals with backbones)  but humans turned into zombies?  There will be everything from zombie cats and dogs, to zombie cows and pigs, to zombie bears, deer, bass and crows. The only thing there won’t be are human zombies. Not a single one.

Sound ridiculous doesn’t it? Even I crack up thinking about say, a flock of zombie chickens coming for my flesh. Some other filmmakers though the image was funny enough to make a movie  out of it.  But my book isn’t going to be a parody, its going to be serious horror.

Consider the chicken: In December 2010, there were 455 million chickens alive in the US.  In In the same month, the US Census announced the US human population at 308,745,538.  Worldwide the number of average chickens alive is about 19 billion. As we all should know, the worldwide human population is roughly 7 billion.

So while a few zombie chickens might not be scary, a few million zombies chickens definitely would be, especially if you live in or near huge poultry producing areas like I do (Maryland is one of the largest poultry producing states in the US).

And that’s just one species…..

I could only find this worth1000 contest for good zombie animal art. But it gives you a good idea of what I'll be aiming for.

Will there will be an environmental message here along with the terror? Absolutely, but its kind of hard not to have one considering the subject matter.

When I’m done, you won’t take the creatures we share our planet with quite the same way ever again.

The Animal Zombie Apocalypse should be out later this year.

My very next work, Sandworm Rodeo and Other Stories, will be out in February!


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