K23 Universe

Side Stories Season 1:

The Tale of Mr. Alumooney

Bedtime for Elves

Being Mudrax the Hung

Dead Periods

When to Walk Away

No Holds Barred

The Importance of Receipts

The Kobolds and the Cubes

Tell the Big Girls to Shove it

Ogres in Motion

Thrown To Glory

Side Stories Season 2:


 Sandworm Rodeo

An Unnatural Love

Weeding Out the Weak

Terrall In  Depth

Terrall In Depth goes into detail about various topics in the K23 universe:


Hominia Part 1: Geography

New Delta Towers



Magic Part 1: General Overview

Magic Part 2: Specific Types


Timeline: Pre New Delta

Timeline: New Delta Era

Hominid Races

The Uthirans

Hominia Part 2: Political Organization

Hominia Part 3: Currency, Calender and Measurements

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