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You thought I was gone, I’m not!

Next year, after a six year absence from publishing, I will be delivering a new book! It will be made up of three novellas:

Demon From The Stars: An alien bio-weapon crash lands on a small, remote medieval manor. As it begins to kill, the manor inhabitants not only have to deal with it, they also have to deal with their entire view of the universe being irrevocably shattered.

Book World: Jack Malone was the star of a successful series of literary action thrillers. But when his series finally gets cancelled, he is set free by his author to run among the worlds found inside books. But when Jack sets free a romance heroine and her jealous, possessive hero, it sets off an adventure, along with a talking dog, to find a psychologist to break the hero’s spell over the heroine before the hero ends them all.

Shambles:  It’s the zombie apocalypse and intelligent zombie named Amber does not want to eat people. She instead wants to go home, wherever that is.  She finds a few survivors willing to help her. There is only one major problem, the government wants her too, and they’ll stop at nothing to find her.

I’m going to shoot for mid-spring release, say April or May. I’m also probably going to re-release Deltan Skies in its “Version 2.0” Form along with it. I’ll let you know in the months to come.

Author News

Deltan Skies has been out….

Deltan Skies has actually been out for two weeks, I just forgot to update the front page to make note of it. Good news is, in the time it’s been out, it’s sold more copies that Ethereal Girls did in for its first 4 months of release. See why it has today!


A  young elven mage named Quintanelle Fillion flees from her totalitarian homeland to New Delta, a dense metropolis made up of hundreds of mile-high towers. She finds employment working for New Delta’s top private detective, a human named Alfonso Deegan, and his red dragon associate Mordridakon. Quintanelle’s first case thrusts her in the middle of New Delta’s own problems.

After millennia of oppression, members of the disenfranchised avian race have taken complete control of the criminal underworld, but what they want is the one thing they can’t steal. To achieve their goals, the avians’ charismatic leader enlists the help of a goblin shaman cast out from her own suffering people. Together they create a risky and daring plan that involves everyone from the city’s inept mayor and a corrupt city senator, to Quintanelle’s new boss and even her own family.

As their plan unfolds, a dark reality emerges. New Delta stands on the brink of total annihilation, and Quintanelle may be the only one who can stop it. 

Read the first three chapters

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Ethereal Girls 2 Announcement

From left to right: Meadow, Phoenix, Liza and Jonola.

From left to right: Meadow, Phoenix, Liza and Jonola.


“Stupid fleshlings!” Jonola hissed. “They wouldn’t know a good book if it hit them in the face!”

Jonola, along with Liza, Phoenix and Meadow, were hanging out in Meadow’s room at the Travilah Academy for Powered Students.  Jonola was curled-up on Meadow’s bed next to Liza, who sat on the edge.  Phoenix leaned against the closet while Meadow sat cross-legged on the floor on her mat.

Meadow replied, “Some books fail, others succeed, it’s the nature of publishing.”

“But you’re in the book,” Phoneix said as she fidgeted with a dagger.

Meadow folded her arms. “So? This society just isn’t ready to accept us, that’s all.”

“I don’t care if the book doesn’t sell a hundred copies,” Liza cried, “all I want is for people to stop calling the drawing of me on the book cover ugly! I don’t have an hourglass figure, but otherwise it’s me.”

Jonola ran a hand along her scales. “I don’t have an hourglass figure either but you don’t see me complaining.”

“But the hatred isn’t directed at you, it’s directed almost entirely at me!”

“Oh yes it is. Some idiot fleshing said I had breasts.” Jonola turned her snout up. “That’s an insult to Lamia!”

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Phoenix said, “He was making it all up.” She sighed. “We don’t even know a Stacy.”

Liza’s cell phone buzzed in her pocket. She pulled it out. “I got a text message from Noah.” Her eyes lit up. “It says he’s going to write an Ethereal Girls sequel, just because!”

Jonola uncoiled and slithered up and over Liza’s shoulder to look. She let out a happy hiss while wiggling her forked tongue. “Yes!”

Meadow stood up and stretched with a faint smile on her face. “Does it say what the plot is?”

“No,” Liza said.

Phoenix flipped a dagger in the air and caught it, visibly unmoved. “We’ll find out soon enough.”

Liza added. “Noah also announces that his next release, the K23 Detectives reboot Deltan Skies, will be formally introduced March 4th where it will be given a firm release time frame. He adds that if people like this original book announcement and are interested, they can purchase Ethereal Girls eBooks for 99 cents at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. He closes by asking that those who’ve already read the book and enjoyed it, please leave a customer review.”

Jonola slithered off the bed. “That doesn’t make any sense. Who’re the K23 Detectives?”

“It does make sense,” Meadow said, “it just wasn’t meant for us.”

Phoenix looked up. “I often wonder if we don’t really exist, if we’re nothing more than book characters created from Noah’s imagination.”

“Just as long as people accept me,” Liza said, “that’s all that matters.”

Author News

Ethereal Girls is out, right now!

I’ve released Ethereal Girls early because the book was done and promoting is easier if the book is out. The ebook costs $2.99 with the print version costs $10.99. Right now, the ebook is available on Amazon, Smashwords and Drive Through Fiction, with the print version available on Createspace. The Nook version will be available this evening(and added to this post and the main Ethereal Girls page).

Heroism comes in all shapes and sizes…

In Medieval Europe, four mystical weapons were forged in order to combat malevolent spirits – vile entities seeking nothing more than to spread misery and chaos across the universe. Centuries later, only one weapon remains to protect Earth. That weapon, the Axe of Boren, falls into the hands of teenage Liza while she is driving home from cheerleading practice, transforming her into a hulking warrior of immense strength and endurance. At the same time, her best friend Macie is twisted into a psychopathic murderer by one of the Axe’s counterparts, the corrupted Sword of Boren, and goes on a gruesome killing spree.

But just as Liza and Macie are headed for battle, the most powerful evil spirit in generations appears, unleashing an army of monstrous cannibals on Washington, D.C. In order to defeat the spirit, Liza must ally with three odd girls: a sickly waif with macabre teleportation abilities; a member of a snake-like race called the Lamia who wants nothing more than to be a human teenager; and the 107th reincarnation of an ancient goddess who may know far more about the mystical weapons than she lets on. But even with her new friends, Liza faces a near impossible task. Macie is obsessed with destroying her regardless of the devastation unfolding around them…

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Read the first two chapters

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Ethereal Girls Excerpt and Cover Reveal

Thanks to Laurie Foster!

There’s the final book cover. I think it looks great as it conveys Ethereal Girls’ comic influences very well.

Also, I’ve finally posted the first two chapters of Ethereal Girls, which make up the book’s opening sequence. It culminates in a battle with lots of ass kicking and a giant explosion. Enjoy!

Finally, as an incentive to sign up for the Ethereal’s Girl’s mailing list, one lucky subscriber will be receive a free print copy of Ethereal Girls when its released on November 2nd.

Author News

Ethereal Girls is Coming!

Finally, I’ve gotten around to introducing something I’ve talked about everywhere but here:


 In Medieval Europe, four mystical weapons were forged in order to combat malevolent spirits – vile entities seeking nothing more than to spread misery and chaos across the universe. Centuries later, only one weapon remains to protect Earth. That weapon, the Axe of Boren, falls into the hands of teenage Liza while she is driving home from cheerleading practice, transforming her into a hulking warrior of immense strength and endurance. At the same time, her best friend Macie is twisted into a psychopathic murderer by one of the Axe’s counterparts, the corrupted Sword of Boren, and goes on a gruesome killing spree.
    But just as Liza and Macie are headed for battle, the most powerful evil spirit in generations appears, unleashing an army of monstrous cannibals on Washington, D.C. In order to defeat the spirit, Liza must ally with three odd girls: a sickly waif with macabre teleportation abilities; a member of a snake-like race called the Lamia who wants nothing more than to be a human teenager; and the 107th reincarnation of an ancient goddess who may know far more about the mystical weapons than she lets on. But even with her new friends, Liza faces a near impossible task. Macie is obsessed with destroying her regardless of the devastation unfolding around them…

There will more released soon, including the first two chapters and the rest of the five “book posters.”  Sign up for the Ethereal Girls Mailing List to stay up to date!

Author News Opinions

What Pet Sitting and Self-Publishing Have in Common

Yesterday, I posted a very important post about 99 cent eBooks, why they weren’t a good option for me anymore, and that my prices were going up. However, what I didn’t talk about was where my business insights were coming from: my pet sitting business.

Not all Pet Sitters are Created Equal:

I’ve been pet sitting since I was a clueless kid charging five dollars per visit. Ironically, I got more clients in terms of sheer numbers back then than I do thirteen years later as a fully bonded and insured professional who charges at least twice as much. Because I both did this as a summer job and a “real job,” I know something most of my professional competitors either don’t understand or won’t admit: we’re not really competing against each other so much as we’re competing against family, friends, neighbors, kids and adults. These adults are people who go, “I walk my own dog just fine, this should be easy side money!”

Family and friends typically work for free but know the animal and the owner well and do just fine. Neighbors typically work for very little if they are paid at all, but again, they know the family and the animal well.

It’s the kids and “side-money” adults who are the riskiest to work with. Kids can do a very good job, like I did, but they lack the life experience and common sense to deal with problems and mistakes or ideally prevent them from cropping up at all. When I first started out, I didn’t use client forms which spelled what out I needed to do, I just wrote it all down in a notebook as the client told me. This caused me to make an error with one client that is so embarrassing and horrible, I’m not even going to talk about it.  Needless to say, after that I had client forms and that mistake never occurred again.

However, I still didn’t have a legalese contract which spelled out what the client would pay, how they would pay me, what would happen in inclement weather and so on. This caused me to get jerked around by clients who, for example, suddenly decided to pay me less than what we had verbally agreed upon. Now I have a legalese contract that I can point to. People tend to hate legalese up until it saves them, then they can’t get enough of it. It was these blunders that me a better businessman and pet itter. While I still make on-the-job mistakes now, they’re very few and very minor. I’m able to fix them in no time.

Finally we come to the “side-money “adults, found in any business with extremely low cost barriers to entry. Not only do these adults lack job experience like kids, i.e. they don’t use forms or contracts, they are typically lousy at their jobs. Side-money adults don’t have the experience and reputation of someone like me to get away with charging professional-level rates, which generally range from ten to twenty dollars or more a visit depending on the clientele and the size of the business. These people will work for far less than ten dollars per thirty minute visit – rates that I can’t go under because of advertising expenses, insurance premiums and dues to NAPPS. They advertise almost exclusively via free means, namely classifieds like Craigslist, they don’t have insurance and they aren’t members of a professional organization.

The biggest problem with “side-money” adults is that kids will work hard for five dollars a visit because they value that five dollars, but to an adult five dollars is nothing. When coupled with the fact that they’re not in it to build a reputation and a business, this lack of dedication will show in sheer laziness and corner-cutting. For example the most common complaint I’ve heard about is “side-money” adults who say they’ll walk a dog for twenty minutes, but only walk for ten. A thirty minute visit is about twenty to twenty-five minutes of walking time depending on the dog.

The end result of this is numerous clients who turned to me after getting burned by a “side-money” adult, realizing not all pet sitters were the same. These people turn into very good customers. Unlike “side-money” adults, I’ll always make sure I walk for twenty minutes, mostly by taking routes that take twenty minutes.  The only times I won’t do this are on days with really bad weather, either code red days during the summer or sleet during the winter. In those cases, the dog doesn’t want to be out just as much you don’t.

The slogan on NAPPS’s website says it all: “For best results: Hire a professional pet sitter.”

Not All Self-Published Authors are Created Equal:

Most self-published authors are technically “side-money” adults. As they say, “don’t quit your day job.” Unless you sell massive amounts of books, it won’t be a career like pet sitting can be. But there’s a difference between those self-published authors who simply are in for the vanity, who write only to say “Hey I wrote a book, I’m so special, please read my pride and joy,” and self-published authors who are in the business to build a reputation and a reader base, like yours truly.  I’m going to distinguish between these two groups as vanity authors and indie authors.

Vanity authors are easy to spot. They sell their books for 99 cents, advertise only via free methods have bad covers and don’t have editors. The indie authors will price their books around $2.99 to $4.99, pay to market, pay handsomely for covers and have editors. The only difference between vanity authors now and before the eBook revolution was that they didn’t have to pay to published. In addition, self-publishing is now a viable option for authors, unlike times previous. An author can now use a “vanity press” to launch a real career.

The distinction between a vanity and indie author I was one I didn’t really understand until the last few days. When it comes to pet sitting, I’m a veteran with years of experience, but in self-publishing I’m a sixteen year-old kid charging five dollars a visit all over again. I might have been writing fiction for years but when you start publishing your work the game completely changes. Nine months ago when A Clear and Feathered Danger was released, I didn’t know tidbits like how to market, the difference a good editor can make and other tricks established self-published authors know. While I’ve made some serious blunders and ill-advised decisions as an author, I’m learning from my mistakes and becoming better every day. Yes, A Clear and Feathered Danger is nine months old and has sold a few copies, but in the larger scheme of things, it hasn’t really been read at all. I can still recover and play catch-up. I used to think I was failing, but now I realize I haven’t even begun to try to bring my unique vision to the world.

On Twitter and Goodreads, I seem to be mostly marketing to other authors. This is something I need to move beyond if I want to build a following, hence the Facebook ads and the idea to submit K23 Universe stories to short-story magazines. But even so, traditionally-published authors and indie authors turn into readers while vanity authors don’t, because vanity authors are mostly interested in going “hey look at me, I’ve written a book” and won’t buy others’ work because this isn’t about reading others and improving their craft, it’s about their egos.

Work quality is largely unimportant here outside of proofreading, because unlike pet sitting subjectivity plays a huge role. When pet sitting, I’m judged on one single concrete criterion: Did I do what the client asked me to do? I either walk the client’s dog for twenty minutes between 11:00am-1:00pm five days a week and put the poop bag in the trashcan out back or I don’t.  With books, once the errors are out, it all comes down to whether or not readers like my writing style and setting. One man’s art is another man’s trash. I thought Twilight was one of the worst books ever written, for instance, but plenty of teenage girls thought otherwise.

Therefore, what separates the real authors from the vanity ones is how one conducts their business. Someone can write the greatest book in the world, but as long as its presented as a vanity work it will always be treated as one.

Therefore I’m going professional. Twitter meltdowns are not happening anymore, I’m now venting offline. Freaking out on Twitter might get me a few sales, but as I start becoming “higher profile” due to my recent marketing blitz it can be counterproductive. The Twitter feed will remain business as usual otherwise. It’s become an attraction in itself and I enjoy running it. I’ll still be advertising the books, consider it the price of admission, but books won’t be the main focus anymore. I’m finally going to just go ahead and get a “professional looking” picture, for instance.

Also don’t expect to see me putting any of the novellas up for free. That’s why the Side Stories exist, though I will be giving away three copies of the Print Collection later this month. And of course I’ve raised book prices. I haven’t raised them a lot, just enough to pull myself out of the bargain basement. While I know there might be secret grumbling, businesses learn to ignore the bargain hunters. They simply aren’t  lucrative.

For me at least, self-publishing is a business, not a social club. I believe that the authors who realize this and treat it as a business are the ones who stand out. While I’ve said this before, back then there wasn’t the wall between my business-self and my personal self that exists with my pet sitting business. I act differently when I’m out walking dogs and caring for cats, I treat my clients differently than I would a friend. I’m almost neurotically clean, something people who know me in person know isn’t the norm for me.

I’ve built a wall between my professional self and personal self, one I created after my trials as teenager. It doesn’t hurt that pet sitting is one of the very, very few fields in which my autism, is not a factor beyond getting hired. Once I’m hired, I’m very good at what I do and my clients love me for it.

As an author, autism is great for creativity. It’s not so helpful for other things, but scifi/fantasy is chock full of autistic writers – fellow indie NV Binder is autistic, for instance – and so I’ve run into issues that I can and have overcome. Unlike other high-functioning autistic writers, I’m more open about my disability. While you won’t find it in my bio and ads, I do talk about it because its part of who I am. I believe it’s key to how I’m able to write a body work of so different from the norm that it pretty much stands alone. It’s part of my brand.

The important thing is that I’m building that wall between my personal self and my author self. I’ll try to be kooky and offbeat, but not crazy. It’ll be a tightrope walk, but I think I can handle it.


Pet sitting and writing might seem to be two completely different fields with two completely different skill sets. However, all businesses, whether it’s caring for animals or writing fiction, require a level of professionalism that will separate people with real dedication from pretenders. People who care do everything they need to do in order to present themselves in the best possible light and do the best job they can. The pretenders, the “side-money” people, just go through the motions.

I’m not saying a hobby writer shouldn’t put his book up on Amazon or that somebody needs some extra cash shouldn’t walk dogs. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t expect to make something of yourself unless you put in the time and effort to do so. Behind every success story is years and years of toil and hard work along with ten people who failed. Everyone starts out a clueless kid in business, but nobody will become an adult unless they grow up.

And unless you’re willing to grow up, you’ll always fail eventually. It might be easier to succeed in pet sitting than writing, but make no mistake, you can fail in pet sitting. Cyberspace is littered with the forgotten web pages of the fallen. I worked my butt off over thirteen years and now I have so much business I’ve had to turn away clients on occasion: pet sitting’s “mark of success.” I’ve even been referred by other pet sitters I’ve never even heard of or met – now that’s a reputation! I’m not going to post the link to my pet sitting website since I want to build a wall between my author side and my pet sitting side but I still can be found rather easily on Google if you know what to search for.

And when you do find my website, look up my testimonial page. Those were all real clients for which I performed exceptional service. I never would have found success if I had never built that professional wall. I may never find success as an author…but I’ll never have any chance at all unless I step up to the challenge.

P.S. if you do happen to find my webpage, live in my area and want top quality pet care at an affordable price, there’s a service request page you can use! 😉

Author News Opinions

99 Cent eBooks: A Lesson Learned

Why the 99 Cent Price Point is a Problem:

People love 99 cent ebooks. They’re extremely cheap entertainment. John Locke makes huge sums of money selling full-length novels for 99 cents. There’re entire sites devoted to promoting 99 cents ebooks. Heck, my three novellas were 99 cents.

Here’s the thing, 99 cents may be great for the reader; they’re cheap and they can buy tons of books for 99 cents. For authors, though, 99 cents will lose them money, especially if they sell on Amazon. 99 cents only pays 35% royalties, so I only get 35 cents back for every one book sold. In order to break even on my expenses, I have to write a blockbuster book.

Here’s a math problem for you, if I incur $100 in expenses, how many books do I have to sell to make my money back if I were to sell at 99 cents exclusively on amazon? The answer is 100/.35= 271.71, so 272 books. Smashwords and other distribution services pay 65%, but that still means I have to sell 150 books at 65% royalties to break even.  The average number of eBooks sold varies. I’ve heard estimates from 100 to 264, but I’m going to venture it’s closer to 100 since the outliers (like John Locke)  push the average up.

Unless your expenses are near zero, you will be losing money at the 99 cent level, period. If you want to make money, you have to spend money. Editing, cover art and advertising all cost money. Sure, you can get your book edited for free, but trust me when I say that’s not a good idea.  I now have a permanent editor who will even edit my blog posts going forward. He’s good, he’s a fan, he’s not too expensive but he adds up quick.

A decently drawn cover, depending on the artist, can cost upwards of $300. I happened to luck out with my artist wh0 did  my covers for $100-125, but her rates are slowly going up as her name gets out thanks in part to me (Florence Wong: vivadawolf at gmail dot com. Tell her I sent you!)  If you’re taking your ebook to print, open your wallet, because the price will be doubled because of the back cover. That’s not even including other artwork – the snazzy hominia map cost me $150. There hasn’t been much other artwork, like New Delta cityscapes and creature drawings I’d like to have, because those will cost an arm and a leg.

There’re plenty of free advertising options but effectiveness is limited due to those options being flooded with other authors. I’ve taken to paying for Facebook advertisements to boost my Facebook page. The impressions to page likes to sales conversion rate is extremely low, but it’s getting my name out there. So far, my ads are being shown to over 300,000 potential customers, the largest audience yet.

Many authors have the pricing strategy of starting at 99 cents then raising prices of future books. Initially I used this strategy; however, I’ve realized that it only works if the next book outsells the first, because the second book has to not only bear the costs of its own production, but also the previous one as well.  I’m not starting at 99 cents anymore.

K23 Detectives Pricing

I have and will cntinue to work my ass off getting the word out, but doing that costs money and K23 Detectives, even if it gathers a decent cult following, will always be in the red as long as my books are sold at 99 cents. Note, however, that profit-wise I’m not as bad as I could be, due to the K23 Detectives Three Pack with Bonus Novels, now known as the K23 Detectives Collection. It cost me nothing to put it out. The original cover was just a mash up of the original three and any editing costs were incurred for the individual novella editions. The money I spent editing the two  Cybermagic novels were sunk costs as they were edited when they were written. Therefore, at 2.99, which has an amazon royalty rate of 70%, it was 2 dollars of pure profit I put into help defraying costs.  Also, The Three Pack’s existence guaranteed that the two sequels got sold.

However, when I decided to rename the Three Pack and put out the Collection, I did have expenses (the cover, the map, etc.) But in this cases the profit is split between print and ebook versions. Now the print price is $21.99, not cheap, but that wasn’t my choice, it was Createspace’s. The eBook Collection is currently $2.99, set because originally it was the price of three novellas put together. Today the ebook price is going up to $4.99 and the reason is Sandworm Rodeo.

Sandworm Rodeo and all future eBooks will be $2.99. As long as the Collection is the same price as smaller works, future books are going to be a tough sell even if someone absolutely loved the Collection.  I don’t expect anyone to pay the same price for less.  But there’s still the issue that the three original books are .99 cents. They’re going up to 1.99. I believe in A Clear and Feathered Danger, What Lies Within and The Impending Darkness. I believe that while they aren’t perfect (no book is) they are groundbreaking. I’ve done what most fantasy authors strive and fail to do. I’ve created an original, working and compelling mythos. While one could say my ego’s inflated, I would’ve quit by now if I didn’t think I had something. Besides, its pretty self-evident that I’ve  created an entire mythos.  99 cents is selling myself short; devaluing what I believe to be the future of fantasy. $1.99 isn’t too much to pay to experience something new.  After that, if you like what you’ve read and decide you want more, one more dollar isn’t too much to ask.

So the new eBook pricing model is:

First three novellas individually: $1.99

Sandworm Rodeo and all future single work releases: $2.99

The K23 Detectives Collection: $4.99

I think this is a fair system that allows me a better chance of recovering costs while not being too expensive.

99 Cents and You:

While time will tell how this pans out, I do think 99 cents is not a price point for authors serious about building a following. 99 cents may be enticing to some readers but it also says an author doesn’t have faith in their own work. They say you get what you pay for, a book at a rock bottom price means rock bottom quality to many.  It’s also a money losing proposition regardless of how one does the math.

So indie authors, if you want to rise above, raise your prices.

Author News

Welcome to the K23 Universe!

Sandworm Rodeo is live. Click to purchase.

Sandworm Rodeo went live last Friday  and had a very quiet launch. You see, Sandworm Rodeo is a companion piece. If you haven’t read the three current K23 Detectives volumes, many of the stories won’t make much sense. But I wanted it that way. The K23 Detectives series is your ticket into the world of Terrall. Sandworm Rodeo, the first of the K23 Universe series, takes you deeper. Sandworm Rodeo and future K23 Universe volumes(which I plan to be a mixture of anthologies and novels/novellas) elevate a book setting into full-fledged mythos.

The universe tag is important!

Since the beginning, my goal has always been to sell not just crazy thrillers about gangster parrots and megacorps gone rogue, but to sell a wider universe. The eleven Side Stories and the Terrall in Depth articles were a start (and there’ll be more Terrall in Depth stuff soon) but they weren’t enough to get across the true beauty of my creation. The defining aspect of  Terrall isn’t the craziness. Its something you won’t truly understand and appreciate until you read Sandworm Rodeo: that I can  nearly write any story I want to in  it.  Fantasy? Check. Sci-fi? Check. Cyberpunk? Check. Steampunk? Check. Horror? Check. Mysteries? Check. Romance? Check. Courtroom dramas? Check. Medical dramas? Check. Soap operas? Check. Sports stories? Check. Personal triumphs and failures? Check.

Sure, you could write any number of those story types in say, Middle Earth, but its not nearly as easy to do. In some some cases it’s even impossible. Would you and could you write a story about a factory worker joining a human supremacy group and committing hate crimes over job-loss paranoia in your fantasy universe?  I did! It’s called The Origin of Hate, and it’s in Sandworm Rodeo. And sorry, if you want to read it, you’ll have to fork over $2.99 (the price for all new releases henceforth)

Still, I just know other indie authors are sitting there going “But I’ve written my own fantasy world and its better than your crazy shit!”  And that’s my biggest problem above all else: I’m self-published. I don’t have that exterior validation. I can finish the K23 Detectives Series with a ninth volume and write a dozen K23 Universe volumes and they can all be great, but it won’t mean anything because I’m using my own money to fund the books.

I’m going to fix it. While I’m writing the fourth K23 detectives volume, The Divine Wave Coefficient,  I’m going to also write and submit K23 short stories to various online sci-fi and fantasy magazines. I can’t use Alfonso, Quintanelle and the usual cast but that’s no problem. I already have a K23 sports story written, and will polish it up and submit it. If that doesn’t work, I’ll write something else. And I’ll keep writing until I get published.

I won’t let the trolls keep me down, because I believe in what I’ve created,. When I’m done, hopefully you’ll be a believer too.

P.S. And there is an entire universe out there, aliens will be incoming (if they aren’t on Terrall already…)

Author News

The Print K23 Detectives Collection is Here!

When I tired to sell you my books, you cried out “I’ll read your books when they’re in print.”

You asked and I delivered:

The K23 Detectives collection is simply what was known as the Three Pack with Bonus Novels. You’ll still get A Clear and Feathered Danger, What Lies Within, The Impending Darkness and the two Cybermagic novels.  Its 640 pages long and costs $21.99.

“That’s highway robbery!” I had no choice, Createspace wouldn’t print for less. And with the way Createspace prints, you’d pay more for  less if I published.  And besides, the ebook edition will stay $2.99. While all future ebook releases will be $2.99 and future ebook collections will be $4.99, raising prices of the existing K23 books would be unfair and sleazy. Speaking of money,  I ask everyone to please buy the Collection at Createspace, because I get $9 in royalties, vs. the $5 I’ll get  if its sold on Amazon and 26 cents I’ll get if its sold via a Barnes and Noble or to a library.

Digression on price aside, you said you’d read it if it was in print, well now its in print. There are no more excuses not to try the most original  and groundbreaking fantasy in years!

What are you waiting for?

Buy today!


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