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Yes, I am Craig Pittman. I am Craig Pittman to differentiate my brand from the work that came before. The K23 Universe is awesome, but I pushed it twice and it never took off. So it is time to move on. My name, Noah Murphy, will always be associated with the K23 Universe, so I am starting over as Craig Pittman with this book. And don’t worry, I have plenty of ideas left, including an ace up my sleeve in the form of an accounting space opera. Yes, you read that right, and like the K23 Universe, when its written down, is a lot less stupid than it sounds.

But it will only come if this book sells a bunch of copies, otherwise, Demon from the Stars and Other Stories will probably be the last book I ever publish.

What does it mean for this site? I’m not sure yet. It will probably get a re-branding and redesign depending on how this book does.

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