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You thought I was gone, I’m not!

Next year, after a six year absence from publishing, I will be delivering a new book! It will be made up of three novellas:

Demon From The Stars: An alien bio-weapon crash lands on a small, remote medieval manor. As it begins to kill, the manor inhabitants not only have to deal with it, they also have to deal with their entire view of the universe being irrevocably shattered.

Book World: Jack Malone was the star of a successful series of literary action thrillers. But when his series finally gets cancelled, he is set free by his author to run among the worlds found inside books. But when Jack sets free a romance heroine and her jealous, possessive hero, it sets off an adventure, along with a talking dog, to find a psychologist to break the hero’s spell over the heroine before the hero ends them all.

Shambles:  It’s the zombie apocalypse and intelligent zombie named Amber does not want to eat people. She instead wants to go home, wherever that is.  She finds a few survivors willing to help her. There is only one major problem, the government wants her too, and they’ll stop at nothing to find her.

I’m going to shoot for mid-spring release, say April or May. I’m also probably going to re-release Deltan Skies in its “Version 2.0” Form along with it. I’ll let you know in the months to come.

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