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The New Tetris: It is Tetris on your N64

Well I put up the good fight. I bought a new Dazzle DVD Recorder HD. I plugged it on my main laptop, completely refused to work. I brought out my older laptop, it did work, but completely unplayable when capturing. Since nobody is reading these, and I mean literally no one, other people’s media it is until somebody donates me a more powerful laptop(Ha Ha Ha).

Forget that, I found a program called Debut, which records, while Pinnacle Studio does not. This means original content from this review forward!!!

newtetrisThis is Tetris on your N64. That’s pretty much what it is and nothing more. Note that this is not actually the “new” Tetris that came about in the early 2000s, which allowed infinite spinning, so this is actually the “old” Tetris, which didn’t. Which rule set you prefer is entirely up to you, so keep that in mind when considering to play this.

It is really, really hard to screw up Tetris. And this rendition of Tetris is done beautifully and without flaw. It’s even important to note that the brick swapping feature, which allows you to “hold” a piece and swap it at will, is new in this version and still in Tetris games to this day.  The graphics are clean and crisp and the music is wonderful. It even has four player mode.


What were you expecting?

So should you go back and play it? Up to you. This is Tetris, granted the old version, but still Tetris. You’ve probably played it elsewhere.  Still, this is a great Tetris rendition. So if you want it and its four player mode, pick it up. If you decide to skip it, you’re not missing much, it is still Tetris after all.

Ign Score: 8.8 They love this version, and so do I!

Amazon link: The New Tetris

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