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Bass Hunter 64: For the inner-fisherman in all of us.

Do you like bassbasshunter-64? Do you like fishing for bass? If so, do I have the game for you. It’s called Bass Hunter 64, and in it, get this, you fish for bass. Amazing I know.

Bass Hunter 64 is a very simple game. Its you, a rod and a motor boat. You zoom around a lake to the right spot, you pick the right lure and cast your line. Then you hope a fish bites and you fight that sucker until you reel it in. Then you do it all over again.  I never said it was the most interesting game.

This is about as interesting as it gets.

This is about as interesting as it gets.

There are two modes, Championship and Fish for Fun. In Championship, you have a set amount of time to catch the biggest bass possible in a particular lake.  If you place in top #3, you get points which allow you to buy better equipment. In Fish for Fun, you… fish for fun. Though in a game like Bass Hunter 64, fun is a relative term.  To be honest, without the goal and pressure of a time limit, things get boring real fast in Fish for Fun, so just stick with the Championship mode.

So should you seek this out? Well, like I said at the start, do you like fishing for bass? If so, seek this out. I don’t exactly have much experience with fishing games, but its actually a pretty good bass hunting game from what I could gleam. The graphics were decent, the controls were good and the bass simulation seems pretty real(for the n64 anyway).  I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with this game. It’s a solid fishing game if that’s what floats your boat.

Ign score: 7.6 Their bottom line was that this was cool game for fishing fans, everyone else give a rent. I agree with that.

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