N64 Retrospective

Super Smash Bros.

This isuper-smash-brothers-1s the game that started it all. This is a classic. You know this formula by now. You pick your favorite Nintendo characters and you fight each other on crazy stages. Nothing much has changed in 17 years. Sure things have gotten more complex with more characters each iteration, but the basic formula was perfected here and has changed little over the years. It hasn’t needed to really.

One thing that is missing from later iterations that I enjoy in this one are the customized bonus stages that take advantage of the character’s special moves. But I understand why it was removed, making customized stages for 56+ characters(as are in Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS) would be a pain.  Still its a nice touch.


Now the big question. Should you go back and play this game? That depends. Do you want a large and deep roster of fighters? Not here as there are only 12. Do you like stages where you fight them more than the other fighters? Not here as the stages are largely very simple affairs. Do you like Assist trophies and pokeballs? They aren’t here. Do you like final smashes? They aren’t here. Do you like collecting trophies? They aren’t here. Do you like collecting music tracks? They aren’t here. Do you like have matches on Final Destination with no items? That option isn’t here.

Remember that this was first game in the series and simply laid down the fundamentals. In fact, the series did not really become a phenomenon until Melee(which is still played at fighting game tournaments to this day).  So, if you all want the bells and whistles that have come to define Smash Brothers, this is not your game. If still you want to play the classic game that started it all, by all means, seek this out.  It is still a great game, after all.

Ign Score: 8.5 Their bottom line as was this was great multiplayer game, but had a weak single player and was not a proper fighting game. I’d agree with that. It did not become a fighting behemoth until Melee and didn’t really have a robust single player until Brawl.

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