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Mischief Makers

It is time for this site to rise from its grave and for me to actually do something with it. That something, at least until I re-release Deltan Skies next year, is to do a weekly feature called the N64 Retrospective. You see, I’m currently in the process of spending obscene amounts of money I don’t have to collect Nintendo 64 games. But instead of these games just sitting in a drawer, I will take one out every week, play it, and then come on here and review it. Right now I have enough games to do one a week for well over a year and, depending on the popularity, I will collect even more to play for this feature.

mischief_makersThis week we start with Mischief Makers, one of my favorite games of all time and of the only games on the N64 which starred solely a female protagonist. Ok she’s a “Ultra-InterGalactic-Cybot G” or a robot maid, but still counts as female(and strangely isn’t mentioned on the geek feminism wiki).

You play as Marina, the aforementioned robot maid to a Professor Theo, a bumbling old man. You have landed in your spaceship on Planet Clancer home to the Clancer people, currently under the boot of the evil intergalactic empire. The professor gets kidnapped by evil Clancers and off you go.


Mischief Makers is a 2d platformer game which you catch, toss and shake everything that moves to victory. But what sets this game apart are its inventive levels. Each one tends to have a gimmick of some sort. One level you’re riding a bee dodging missiles. Another level has you fighting mini-bosses to bring seven kids back home. One level is an sports tournament where you have to win at least four out of seven events to move on. And then are the big boss battles, which are awesome and the highlight of the game.


Like the guy above, Migen Jr. You have to catch his arms and throw it back at him. Another boss has you riding on the back of a cat while riding missiles. It is fun, it is exciting.

It’s all pretty easy, except for a boss called Phoenix Gamma, which is a bastard. Going back and replying it, I was shocked with how it easy it generally was, until I got to Phoenix Gamma, then the frustration came flooding back. Plus, there are gold gems, where each one extends the length of the ending, so you need them all to see the entire thing. Getting them can be a real challenge(try not getting hit by Phoenix Gamma).

Seriously, fuck this boss!

Seriously, fuck this boss!

Still, it won’t go down as a difficult title. In addition, the game is short. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a guy playing the whole thing in 2 hours and 55 minutes:

Granted, he does not get all the gold gems nor get the S-rank time in every level(and even has some trouble with Phoenix Gamma), but if you don’t bullshit around and are a decent player, you can beat it in that length of time.

But of course its one thing to watch some guy beat it in less than 3 hours. But the is worth going back and playing Mischief Makers? Yes, it is. Despite being almost childishly easy at times and short, this is considered by many to be an underrated classic. And I’d call it that. After all, this is one of my favorite games.

And when I mean seek it out, I mean search out a cartridge and play on your N64, of course. Hence, at the bottom of every review, I will post an Amazon link where you can go and pay actually money for the game.

IGN Score: 6.2 I have no idea what they were smoking when they handed this one out. Their: bottom line was “Mischief Makers is a great little game, but its graphics are mediocre. 6.2!” I think it is worth at least a 7. But then, I am biased.

Amazon Link:  Mischief Makers by Nintendo.

PS. For right now, I’m only going to use media I find lying around on the net. If and if only if this feature gets significant readers will I look into a capture device and record original footage and screenshots.

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