I hate McDonald’s Advertising.

I’m a pet sitter. I drive a lot. I listen to the radio, a lot. I hear McDonald’s commercials, a lot. I cannot stand them, at all. Why? Just listen to these series of commercials:

It’s not just a fish sandwich, its THE FILLET-O-FISH!

The McGriddles is so good, somebody had to rap about it

I’m going nuts for a nutty Sunday.

It burns into my minds. McCafe, McGriddles, Fillet-O-Fish. Over and over again. Their pathetic attempts at appealing to a young, hip, urban market. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! They’re annoying as hell because of what McDonald’s is, the definition of bland(except for their awesome mushroom and Swiss angus burger, which they got rid of, assholes!). You’re not fooling anyone. You’re not cool, you’re not hip. You are the Walmart of fast food.

Sure, I eat at McDonald’s, but only because there’re ubiquitous in my service area and I often don’t feel like cooking, but its certainly not because of the radio ads.

Heck, I’m not the only one who hates McDonald’s radio commercials:

That’s it, that’s all I have to say. Mcdonald’s radio commercials suck and I’d wish they’d go off the radio asap.

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