The Future of this site

Since my twitter feed is gone, nobody is looking….  except for the countless people who chime in  that I have to be lying about what I observed at Piratz because a slickly produced and edited reality show designed to tell a particular narrative cannot possibly be lying. It never fails to amaze me that people will believe anything a TV show tells them simply because it was on TV.

Anyways, it occurred to now that nobody is watching as hard, its time I go and write the K23 short stories that I’ve always wanted to write but didn’t have the guts too. So yes, there will be a season 3 of K23 Side Stories, and it be full of edgier stories involving mature content(mostly). Does this mean I’m writing a Deltan Skies sequel, possibly once I’m done with these stories. Also expect a return of media criticism articles.  I have a platform from which to speak, so why reinvent the wheel. So I’m not going anywhere, though you may get a site redesign and a new domain in time.

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