Deltan Skies Revealed

People may have noticed an extreme lack of content on this blog for the last several months. If Ethereal Girls taught me anything, it is blog posts do not sell books and all the marketing in the world will not help if people do not like what you’re selling(unless they troll you). However,  I have been working on a new book all this time:


A young elven mage named Quintanelle Fillion flees from her totalitarian homeland to New Delta, a dense metropolis made up of hundreds of mile-high towers. She finds employment working for New Delta’s top private detective, a human named Alfonso Deegan, and his red dragon associate Mordridakon. Quintanelle’s first case thrusts her in the middle of New Delta’s own problems.

After millennia of oppression, members of the disenfranchised avian race have taken complete control of the criminal underworld, but what they want is the one thing can’t steal. To achieve their goals, the avian’s charismatic leader enlists the help of a goblin shaman cast out from her own suffering people. Together they create a risky and daring plan that involves everyone from the city’s inept mayor and a corrupt city senator, to Quintanelle’s new boss and even her own family.

As their plan unfolds, a dark reality emerges. New Delta stands on the brink of total annihilation, and Quintanelle may be the only one who can stop it. 

Some people might find this book very similar to my very first release in June 2011, A Clear and Feathered Danger, which featured a similar book blurb and cover. It ultimately sold more than a hundred copies.  Unfortunately, it was not the book it should have been and neither were its sequels. As a result, the sequels bombed. So, I decided to go back and revise it. What started out as a simple revision and slight expansion snowballed. Soon a 33k fantasy thriller turned into an 87k science-fantasy novel.

There are new friends:

“Alfonso mentioned you help out,” Quintanelle said.

“Yes, I provide assistance on cases and back-end office work for him,” Corazon replied. “What it really means,” Alfonso said, “is it takes over cases and accesses my finances without asking.”

“That is not an accurate assessment of my work.”

“Yes it is,” Mordridakon growled.

There are new enemies:

“What did you think I’d do with a base full of military aircraft and a nuclear bomb,” Platon said, ” force the city to hold hands and sing songs?”

There is more action:

Borga dropped to her knees, but Metara grabbed the turnbuckle and pushed herself up. Borga’s eyes went wide as she realized the consequences.

“Time to tap, bitch!” Metara twisted, forcing Borga over onto her back, with Metara’s quads still firmly in place. Borga had no choice but to submit.

Metara leaped onto the turnbuckle, raising her fists in victory, enjoying the adoration of a nonexistent crowd.

There is more humor:

Every solider on the deck pointed their gun at him. “You’re trespassing in a restricted area!” one shouted. “Leave now or we’ll be forced to open fire!”

Abernathy glared at the soldiers. “If you don’t lower your weapons, every single one of you will be looking for a job because I’m the damn mayor! You work for me!”

The soldiers did not flinch.

“Was there an election we didn’t hear about? The mayor we know is an impotent troll!” A soldier shouted.

There is more drama:

Sisqub extended his wings and raised his beak. “Imagine countless avians huddled together in the dark, most having never done anything but exist, massacred because their only crime was wanting to live above the hominids on tower-tops, closer to the wide open Deltan skies.”

“Ye ashamed of the hate put in ye head by ye people,” Eluna said, “but ye have no idea what true hate be.”

Tears rolled down Quintanelle’s face.“Take me up. I can’t take it anymore!”

Sisqub folded his wings and lowered his beak. “You are only seeing what lies on the path to where we’re going.”

On May 30th….

“There’s not really anything to debate,” Leyla said. “They want citizenship and will do anything to get it, even if it means destroying the city.”

Pilpen shook his head while clicking his tongue. “That’s what Sisqub wants you to think. The Syndicate is still a megacorp and is working with the other megacorps to completely take over New Delta. “

Leyla rolled her eyes. “Good luck with that…”

Get ready to fly…

  The gunship creaked and moved aside, revealing a Mer pushing it. The Mer’s comrades were visibly crushed and mangled in their twisted coffins.  When the space was big enough, it thumped into the office with an angry look in its eyes. The vehicle was scratched and dented, but still functional. It had all six plasma cannons out and both arms were rifles.

”I ventured to the surface in the name of peace and unity,” the Mer said. Its automated voice was calm, but its clicks were sharp and angry. “But if it’s war you want, it’s war you get!”

The Deltan Skies!

Alfonso smashed his headset against the ground. He trembled with rage, his eyes burned with fury, his jaw clenched tight.

The CDU soldiers stumbled out their craft, some speechless, others crying.

“What was that?” Metara cried through choking sobs.

“The Syndicate’s gigantic fuck you to the city,” Alfonso seethed. “But the fucking has only just begun!”

Chapter 1 will be up to read on May 15.  Join my mailing list to be notified when this book his Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

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    February 22, 2016 at 9:03 am

    7 weeks post surgery and it seems to get esaeir every day (except for when I overdue things, which I have a tendency to do!) During my 6 week post check up last Tuesday, the physical therapist had me start putting 50lbs of weight on my bad foot. He had me practice walking over a scale to get the feal of it. I am not sure how consistent I am going to be. It’s kind of hard guessing at 50lbs each step. I will still have to wear my boot for many more weeks, even for a while after I am full weight bearing. I was really sore the second day and decided to rest the entire day, but I am back up and about. The PT also told me how important it is while walking and putting weight on that foot to wear the compression socks to help with the swelling, and believe me, the one time I was up and about without the compression sock I had quite a bit of swelling and it was a little painful, so I am wearing those socks for sure! I should be adding 25lbs to my weight bearing about now, but I am just being extra careful and am a little behind.That’s okay. I know my body better than anyone else and I know what is tolerable for me. I just really hope that everything heals well and there will be a whole lot less pain in the future.Kathryn sure, feel free to email me anytime and I am no expert, but I would answer anything that I have experienced or heard. Oh, yea, the putting weight on my foot was a little scary, and the heel is the area that hurt the worst, but the screw was put up through the heel would make me believe yes it’s going to hurt. The doctor did mention if it continues to hurt after 6 months and it looks like all is fusing ok that he can easily remove the screw (no real recovery time to heal, just in and out) I just don’t remember him telling me that as a possibility before surgery. Maybe I should have asked more questions. I see your surgery is Nov. 14, the day before my mother’s birthday! Please keep in touch and I would love to hear how things are progressing for you! Good luck and I will say a prayer for you.

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