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No reviews, no editorials…where the hell have I been? Well, besides moving and dealing with my pet sitting business, I’ve been pouring my writing energy into this:

Not actual cover or title!

Barbarian Girl, as some of you might remember, was a novella that was available from October 2011 to January 2012. You can search back in the archives for articles on it. After 4 copies of this novella were sold and I gave it away for free for a bit, the trolls made realize that the book was complete and utter garbage so I pulled it. My reasons for doing so:

1. The editing job on it was terrible and made an already problematic book much worse. While I had my current editor give the book another pass, it was fundamentally flawed and couldn’t be saved.

2. I tried to cram way too much stuff into a book which clocked in at around 22,000 words. Characters that should have been more developed weren’t while major plot developments were glossed over. I needed to slow down.

3. Trying to apply K23’s narrative style to anything other than K23 is a recipe for disaster. The reason why the bizarre plot structure in K23 works in many cases is because I created a world in which that structure fits with the quirky nature of the setting. Trying to apply the same concepts to a world which I based on our own simply didn’t work at all.

Therefore, I’m working on Barbarian Girl 2.0, a complete rewrite of the novella from the ground up that retains the main character and general plot. Some characters are getting chucked while others are being developed to the level they should’ve been in the original work. The world is being made more cohesive – I’m trying to be much less preachy and moralizing – and perhaps most importantly I’m using a standard plot formula this time.

Hopefully when I’m finished I’ll have a better and more marketable book that I can be proud of.  I’m taking my time with this, writing a little bit every day, so don’t expect it until the fall at the very earliest.  There’s no rush to get this out.

As for K23, I’m keeping the K23 Detectives as my “brand” for the time being, just like John Locke uses Donovan Creed despite writing things other than Donovan Creed. Regarding the books themselves, if they magically start selling I’ll finish the fourth book and resolve the cliffhanger at the end of the Impending Darkness. Otherwise I’m putting K23 on the shelf for now. I’ll revisit it again in a few years, most likely focused around a completely new set of characters.  As for reviews, like I said, I’m busy with other things.  If I don’t get any out by the end of the month I’ll remove the book submission form.

Finally, I still do tweet a lot, so you can always find me on Twitter if you need to.

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