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Welcome to the K23 Universe!

Sandworm Rodeo is live. Click to purchase.

Sandworm Rodeo went live last Friday  and had a very quiet launch. You see, Sandworm Rodeo is a companion piece. If you haven’t read the three current K23 Detectives volumes, many of the stories won’t make much sense. But I wanted it that way. The K23 Detectives series is your ticket into the world of Terrall. Sandworm Rodeo, the first of the K23 Universe series, takes you deeper. Sandworm Rodeo and future K23 Universe volumes(which I plan to be a mixture of anthologies and novels/novellas) elevate a book setting into full-fledged mythos.

The universe tag is important!

Since the beginning, my goal has always been to sell not just crazy thrillers about gangster parrots and megacorps gone rogue, but to sell a wider universe. The eleven Side Stories and the Terrall in Depth articles were a start (and there’ll be more Terrall in Depth stuff soon) but they weren’t enough to get across the true beauty of my creation. The defining aspect of  Terrall isn’t the craziness. Its something you won’t truly understand and appreciate until you read Sandworm Rodeo: that I can  nearly write any story I want to in  it.  Fantasy? Check. Sci-fi? Check. Cyberpunk? Check. Steampunk? Check. Horror? Check. Mysteries? Check. Romance? Check. Courtroom dramas? Check. Medical dramas? Check. Soap operas? Check. Sports stories? Check. Personal triumphs and failures? Check.

Sure, you could write any number of those story types in say, Middle Earth, but its not nearly as easy to do. In some some cases it’s even impossible. Would you and could you write a story about a factory worker joining a human supremacy group and committing hate crimes over job-loss paranoia in your fantasy universe?  I did! It’s called The Origin of Hate, and it’s in Sandworm Rodeo. And sorry, if you want to read it, you’ll have to fork over $2.99 (the price for all new releases henceforth)

Still, I just know other indie authors are sitting there going “But I’ve written my own fantasy world and its better than your crazy shit!”  And that’s my biggest problem above all else: I’m self-published. I don’t have that exterior validation. I can finish the K23 Detectives Series with a ninth volume and write a dozen K23 Universe volumes and they can all be great, but it won’t mean anything because I’m using my own money to fund the books.

I’m going to fix it. While I’m writing the fourth K23 detectives volume, The Divine Wave Coefficient,  I’m going to also write and submit K23 short stories to various online sci-fi and fantasy magazines. I can’t use Alfonso, Quintanelle and the usual cast but that’s no problem. I already have a K23 sports story written, and will polish it up and submit it. If that doesn’t work, I’ll write something else. And I’ll keep writing until I get published.

I won’t let the trolls keep me down, because I believe in what I’ve created,. When I’m done, hopefully you’ll be a believer too.

P.S. And there is an entire universe out there, aliens will be incoming (if they aren’t on Terrall already…)

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