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The Print K23 Detectives Collection is Here!

When I tired to sell you my books, you cried out “I’ll read your books when they’re in print.”

You asked and I delivered:

The K23 Detectives collection is simply what was known as the Three Pack with Bonus Novels. You’ll still get A Clear and Feathered Danger, What Lies Within, The Impending Darkness and the two Cybermagic novels.  Its 640 pages long and costs $21.99.

“That’s highway robbery!” I had no choice, Createspace wouldn’t print for less. And with the way Createspace prints, you’d pay more for  less if I published.  And besides, the ebook edition will stay $2.99. While all future ebook releases will be $2.99 and future ebook collections will be $4.99, raising prices of the existing K23 books would be unfair and sleazy. Speaking of money,  I ask everyone to please buy the Collection at Createspace, because I get $9 in royalties, vs. the $5 I’ll get  if its sold on Amazon and 26 cents I’ll get if its sold via a Barnes and Noble or to a library.

Digression on price aside, you said you’d read it if it was in print, well now its in print. There are no more excuses not to try the most original  and groundbreaking fantasy in years!

What are you waiting for?

Buy today!

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    February 22, 2016 at 6:32 am

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