Terrall in Depth

Terrall In Depth: The Hominid Races

I should’ve done this months ago but I wanted to wait until I had original artwork. I need to do this anyway, though, so as a result,  I currently  have no original drawings  for any of this with the exception of the goblins. I’ll add them eventually as they get drawn (if anyone wants to draw fan art I could use, I’d love you forever and ever!)

There are 8 traditional Hominid races, though as in our world racial divides can be murky. Not everyone speaks common, so I denote the language they traditionally speak. When it comes to naming conventions, they only hold for new characters. Cybermagic holdovers can break them (Glenn Lowry, Derrick Hatrigan).

The Hominia Article may prove useful here.


Native Reigion: Southern Deltan Plains, a hot dry savannah.

Appearance:  Think Afro-Hispanic.

Life Expectancy: 75 years, 100 with age extensions.

Native Language: Common

Attributes: Humans in K23 are not jack of all trades. They excel in technology and can only use hand magic.

Patron Deity: Elohim, The Holy.

Major Settlements (with large populations): New Delta, City of Sands

Naming: I take a Hispanic name and pair it with a random surname.

Teolian and Deltan Elves

Elves are split into two groups.

Native Region: All Elves originated from the Forest of Illwyn. Deltan elves were Teolian elf immigrants to New Delta who darkened over the generations due to UV radiation.

Appearance: Think your standard High Elf for Teolian Elves and Dark Elves for Deltan Elves. Both elf types 5 to 5.5 feet tall.

Life Expectancy: Teolian Elves, about 135. Deltan Elves, about 140(due to not being a bunch of  back-stabbing bastards).

Native Language: Elven for Teolian Elves. Deltan Elves mostly speak Common(but do learn Elven).

Attributes: The strongest homind magic users in K23 outside of Uthirans, this applies to both Teolian and Deltan Elves. The Teolian elves are meager technologically but Deltan elves are strong technology users because of where they live.

Patron Deity: Illwyn, The Lifebringer

Major Settlements: Teolos(Teolian Elves) New Delta(Deltan Elves).

Naming conventions: I generally use elven name generators, and will shorten names if a little too long and unwieldy.

Dwarves and Gnomes 

Native Region: Cromag Underground.

Appearance: Again your fantasy dwarves and Dungeons and Dragons style gnomes

Within K23, the two races look even more similar that these pictures indicate. Really, K23 Dwarves are slightly taller, bulkier and hairier than the K23 Gnomes. They look so similar, most gnarves could be mistaken for one or the other and identify as such.  Both are 4-4.5 feet tall, with dwarves averaging closer to 4.5 feet than gnomes.

Average Life expectancy: Around a hundred years.

Native Languages: Gnomish for both. While Dwarves do have their own language, nobody ever speaks it outside of formal settings.

Attributes: Dwarves are expert miners and industrious. Gnomes are 2nd best in technology and magic. Gnarves are, to quote the Impending Darkness: “…magic-using little people who mined using giant steam-powered machines.”

Patron Deity: Breunor the Undergod

Major Settlements: Brocenback(Dwarves) and Alkhan(Gnomes).

Naming conventions: Generally use name generators for both.


Native area: Ogunlands


Life Expectancy: 60 Years

Attributes: Really, really strong but really really stupid in general.

Native Language: Really terrible Ogun.

Patron Deity: Thagnar, The Dead

Major Settlements: Gruck, New Delta

Naming Convention: 3-6 letter name with a “The (Adjective)  surname.


Native: From Hominia but nowhere in particular as they were nomads for eons

Appearance:goblins are short(4.5-5 feet) little grey dudes (or dudettes) with stringy black hair brown eyes and non-pointy ears.

Life Expectancy: Varies, but generally 30 for males, 40 for females.

Attributes:  Most mistreated and maligned race. Very intelligent, and known for Shamanism (and can learn other types of magic too, but generally don’t).

Native Language: Ogun.

Patron Deity: Thagnar, The Dead

Major Settlements: New Delta, Gruck

Naming convention: 3-7 letter names, they have short 2-3 letter clan/family names, but rarely used.


Native region: Southern rain forests on the continent Elemchi

Appearance: Your male trolls are big blocky and green. Trolls females  look like She-Hulk.

Life expectancy: about 80 years.

Attributes: Males trolls are sex machines and natural porn talent. Female trolls are rulers of traditional Troll society. Both sexes are very strong, second only to ogres.

Native Language: Banwatle

Patron Deity: Thagnar, the Dead.

Major Settlement: None in particular. They only have a relatively small population in New Delta. On Elemchi, they live spread out.

Naming Convention: Same as ogres, 3-6 letter name with a “The (Adjective)  surname.


Native Region: Metillywn (Jungle of Illwyn) on Elemchi.

Appearance: Your standard Warcraft Orc

Life Expectancy: 65 years(due to constant fighting).

Attributes: Exceptional warriors and are very “street smart.”

Native Language: Banwatle

Patron Deity: Illwyn, The Lifebringer

Major Settlements: Thakkenhul, The City of Bone (on Elemchi)

Naming Conventions: Use the standard name generators.

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