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Terrall in Depth: New Delta Era Timeline

This is a rough timeline of major events since New Delta’s founding. Note for the first thousand years, not a whole lot was going on outside of tower construction which was very slow. Here is the timeline for before New Delta.

8001: Elohim ordains creation of New Delta, Order of Elohim and Cybrix Technologies founded.

8002: Aquillia ordains Mers to help in construction.

8009: Foundation Completed.

8013: Tower A-1 constructed.

8076: First Deltan elf born due to mutations caused by sunlight radiation.

8100-ish: First avians arrive. Like nesting on very tops of towers, rest of city annoyed. Marginalization begins.

8339: Seed Corp founded.

8423: Teolos and New Delta signed non-aggression treaty.

8579: Deltan Elves now considered race separate from Teolian Elves.

8900: Purple Deltan avian breed declared distinct from Elemchi avians.

8933: Private Detective Deputizing Act passed as NDPD unable to keep order in city, still only at about 495 towers. Ashram-Uriah founded as first private detective agency.

9001: Tower A-1, still in decent condition, is mysteriously condemned. Uthirans instantly seize control for site of the Department of Uthiran Affairs.

9002: Adonai Property Management spun off from Order of Elohim due to revelations the Order Cardinal was bribed to condemned the tower. APM owns all towers and leases space within.

9010: APM loses megacorp status due to scandal involving allowing managerial autonomy to human-majority towers. Private entities allowed to own towers, prompting faster expansion as OOE gains vastly more resources and money to construct.

9036: Original Armagdan Acolytes founded by Anton Crowley in New Delta.

9042: Armagdan Acolytes commit massacre in Tower A-5, killing hundreds of thousands. Anton Crowley killed by Ashram-Uriah. Armagdan Acolytes disappear.

9211: New Delta, Teolos,  Brocenback and Alkhan sign Exchange Treaty, adopting same currency(Credit), calender and measurements. The Human language, renamed Common, was set as standard business and diplomatic exchanges.

9232: Ashram-Uriah granted megacorp status due to monopoly on private detectives.

9233: Ashram-Uriah attacks NDPD. Ashram-Uriah loses civil war after three months. Barred from employing private detective, but allowed to keep megacorp status due to immense information gathering infrastructure.

9464: Gene writer invited by Biogenomics founders.

9477: Biogenomics granted Megacorp status.

9501: Tower A-1 Massacre. All avians presumed dead.

9507: Avians reappear in New Delta.

9510: The Prophet Paco leaves New Delta, goes to middle of Alamaro Wastes to an oasis, has revelation from Harderith and founds the City of Sands.

9543: Ryland Aerospace and Fusion Communications  founded

9544: Tower-mutants appear inexplicably

9548: Fusion charter revoked.

9650: First version of Legaltron becomes operational.

9691: Education For All act passed. Required city to educated all citizens for “free” stating immediately.

9692: City instantly on verge of bankruptcy. Senators who voted for it thrown out in elections.

9693: Act repealed. Education Department spun off into Academics Incorporated.

9783: Weeds in Deltan Plains gain resistance to weed killer developed by Seed Corp, causing food shortages due to crop loss.

9784: Seed Corp loses megacorp status and collapses. Remains bought by Biogenomics.

9789: A porn producer (re)discovers the “talents” of male trolls on Elemchi. Porn producer brings trolls back.  Adult industry booms. Trolls establish permanent population in New Delta.

9822-9826: Goblin plague occurs, wipes out goblin tribes and half of goblins overall. Massive numbers of goblins refugees arrive and settle in New Delta slightly above avians on the bottom of the social hierarchy.

9896: Athletics Complex completed. Hominia Athletics founded to maintain complex.

9902:New Delta Medical Center completed.

9945: Hominia Athletics completes construction of the Flight Track outside of city, allowing for professional aircraft and Uthiran racing.

9984: New Delta University completed.

9988: Legaltron Tower completed. Legaltron 7500 took complete and total control of court system.

10001: City Center Pyramid completed. Ashram-Uriah, Cybrix Technologies, Biogenomics and The Order of Elohim move in. All New Delta towers built.

10002: Jose Abernathy elected mayor.

10017: Legaltron 9000 operational.

10018; Avian Syndicate secretly bribes way to megacorp status; solidification of power on top of criminal underworld.

10020: Alfonso Deegan discovers Syndicate status. Massive scandal and backlash against avians occurs. Syndicate loses status.

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