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Authors, whatever you do, when using word, DO NOT USE AUTO-HYPHENATE!

Auto-hyphenate will hyphenate words so that words continue between lines so a steady character per line count is maintained.  Sounds fine as print books often do this, right? No because when converting to ebook formats, the formatting completely changes so that there are different number of words per line, so you end up with wor-ds th-at rea-d l-ike th-is. Even worse, once it auto-hyphenates, it doesn’t un-hyphenate, so changing any formatting, even in the word document itself, will leave the hyphens behind. I stupidly made this mistake with A Clear and Feathered Danger(but not the others). I’m still paying for this, probably in real dollar terms as readers stop reading it and the sequels assuming those are in it too(they are not).

I’ve hopefully gotten 99.9% out, but there might be one or two behind. So I’m posting a warning, don’t use auto-hyphenate, it will only lead to terrible things.

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