Unfollowing and You!

As this writing 12:40pm on 10/31/11, on twitter I have 5278 followers with 3994 followings. 128 of those followers were gained since 11:30pm last night when I 5263 followers and about 4400 followings. What can you conclude from this? The two most obvious are that I unfollowed over 400 people and the gains I made in followers was virtually nullified from the people unfollowing me. However, I didn’t unfollow just 400 people today, I unfollowed roughly 600 people today. The reason it doesn’t seem that way is that tweetadder added one following from every feed it unfollowed(have 48 hours to follow back). The extra 400 came from Twit Cleaner, an excellent apps which shows which feeds post only links, RT all too often, don’t interact with followers, don’t follow anyone, are no longer active ect. It basically tells me which accounts are garbage. Of course, I don’t unfollow every feed that gets flagged. I keep Retweeters if they retweet my stuff).

Regardless, my point is, I unfollow massive amounts of people every day. Some days I’ve unfollowed nearly 1000 feeds with the help of another app called tweet karma. I have to do in order to continue adding followers because I’m still limited by the 1.1 followings to every follower rule. Also, unfollowing the garbage feeds keeps my own feed easier to read.

In addition, a massive amounts of feeds unfollow me,  usually because I’m selective about who I follow back. I call this sifting, or throwing out the people who don’t care about me and the ones I  don’t care about(though some feeds stick around anyway). This helps me network and build a base.

But then there are people who get mad and tell the world that I unfollowed them. Like “@K23detectives unfollowed me(checked with Filwrs.com)” Filwrs is an app, among many, that will tell you who exactly unfollowed them and will broadcast. My only guess for this is to shame you into following back. Many of these feeds who did this never followed me back in the first place, so chances are I had no idea I was even following them. And if I did actively unfollow you, its because A) You showed up on twit cleaner B) didn’t  speak english C) wasn’t tweeting about anything I care to read about, D) spammers or  E)are inactive and therefore why should you even care? And if you were one of those(except E obviously), trying to shame me isn’t going to bring me back.

People unfollow me for a variety of reason  but in the last two weeks I’ve gained at least 1500 followers net, an average of 107, despite somedays getting 250+ new followers in total. If I went around shaming all those people who unfollowed me, my total number would drop because who wants to follow an asshole?

Your twitter feed, like most social media, reflects who you are as a person. I’m very aware of this and always seeking to improve the way I use it as I try to improve myself. Shaming people who unfollow you tells me you’re a narcissist who only uses twitter number to boost their egos, and was not worth following anyway.

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