Terrall in Depth

Terrall in Depth: Pre-New Delta Timeline

The conceit about K23 and the world of Terral was that at some point in the past, Terrall was your generic high fantasy universe where knights and mages ran around killing things. That does occur, with most of their killing directed at goblins. This timeline will not detail any of that. Instead, this timeline will detail important wars and events that shape New Delta prior to its founding in 8001.

1: First elven historical record written in Teolos. Start of recorded history.

1507: Elves cross Toxulic Ocean, discover Elemchi and orcs. First recorded battle between them.

1509: Elves revisit Elemchi to destroy orcs, get lost,  discover trolls instead. Jealous of troll females’ beauty and male trolls’ “prowess” but too disenchanted to fight they twist the meaning of “troll,” which means “One who is pleasing” in the orcs and troll’s Banwatle language, to mean “one who is ugly” when they bring news back to Hominia.

1599: Elves cross Uthiric Ocean and discover Uthira and the dragons that live on it. Most get eaten. One manages to return and tell her story. Elves end world exploration.

1652: Humans attempt world exploration to discover what’s to the east of Homina. Discover existence of Mers the hard way when they get sunk in Backwater Bay.

1655: Humans cross Meran Ocean and discover a completely lifeless continent filled with vampires. Call it the Barrenlands. What’s between the Barrenlands and Uthira unknown for eight millennia.

2000: Teolian Mages, Rangers and Warriors start three-way civil war that will last on and off for millennia. Elven-orc hostilities paused.

3582: First gnomish historical date referenced on the Alkhan Dome (made much later) Refers to the overthrow of a despot by a rebel. The rebel becomes king and his son becomes a despot in turn.

3904: Brac’tai (tentacle things) arrive in Hominia for the first time after they swim across the Toxulic.

4500: Mages take full control of Teolos. Elven-orc hostilities resume with 559 recorded intercontinental clashes in the next two thousand years.

5421-5423: Elven-Dwarven War: Dwarves try to log forest of Illwyn. Elves kick them back underground. While dwarves would continue to attempt to log the Forest continually from that point on, the war is the only time of the formal declaration of war between them.

6199: Mage Council spun off from Teolian Mages and given control of city. Teolian Mages are subservient to the Council.

6207: Ranger Mistress and Warrior General added to Mage Council after revolt.

6402-6403: First Elven-Human war. Started when humans migrated to the edge of the Forest of Illwyn and tried to log it. Humans lose, get kicked out.

6505: Elves and orcs attempt to settle differences in a massive battle in the middle of the Deltan Plains. Humans powerless to stop them. Illwyn intervenes and tells to them to stop fighting and make nice or she’d be forced to smite them both to oblivion. Elves and orc strike uneasy peace treaty.

6950-6951: Second Elven-Human war. Started after humans attempt to settle in Forest of Illwyn.

6958: Third Elven-Human War: Humans march on Teolos, get wiped out. Elves massacre northern humans, march to Vera Cruz, site currently occupied by New Delta, and burn it to the ground. Humanity completely lost and irrelevant for next thousand years.

7760: Gnomes starting digging Alkhan Dome on the eastern side of the narrowest point in the Cromag Range.

7787: Alkhan Dome completed.

7804: Dwarves settled in Brocenback on the western side of the narrowest point in the Cromag Range, unaware of Alkhan’s location.

7810: Dwarven miners break through to Alkhan. Great Underground War begins.

7910: Breunor the Undergod intervienes Great Underground War ended. Period of drawf/gnome friendship begins.


New Delta Era Timeline

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