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Terrall in Depth: Magic Part 1

As I explained in the Deity article, magic in Terrall is the harnessing of divine energies to affect the physical world in various ways. Magic practitioners, as I call them, are similar to D&D clerics but everything is divine magic. There’s no such thing as arcane magic in the K23 world.

Magic is comprised of several distinct schools:

  • Incantation or Spell Magic:  In order to tap into this magic, the user must “pray” to a deity whose domain the spell falls under to grant the effect. The user must correctly say an incantation and perform a hand motion in order for the effect to be achieved. If it’s used in D&D, you can find its equivalent here or in shamanism for divination. Necromancy is a subset of this rather than a distinct school.
  • Non-Incantation or Hand Magic:  Magic that is achieved solely through the use of hand motions. Simple effects are achieved this way. Think Jedi Force powers.
  • Shamanism: Comprised of divination and a few other general components along with a special talent which is kept within shamanistic family lines.  Only Goblins can become proper shamans because Ulax the All-Seeing wants it that way. Elves have their own version of Shamans called Seers. Seers work through Illwyn and are much less powerful as a result.
  • Tinkering: Combing magic and clockwork to create things such as intelligent automation and prosthetic limbs that turn into flesh and blood.
  • Chaos magic: Only harnessed if one survives attuning with Armagda with their life and sanity intact. Chaos magic mainly amplifies other forms of magic. They have have the ability to mind-control others, an ability known as entrancement.


There are  five races which can use magic:

  • Uthirans: They are magical by thier very nature as they harness Harderith to use their breed specific abilities. They can learn all other forms of magic. Their distant genetic cousins, the Komodo, can also use magic if trained but generally don’t as a rule.
  • Elves: Both Teolian and Deltan (dark) elves can use magic. Magic usage is highly revered in Teolian society.  The term “mage” refers to the elven practitioners who rule over Teolos. Becoming a mage is a long and difficult process and takes decades.
  • Gnomes: Created tinkering but can learn other types too.
  • Goblins: Goblins only use shamanism generally but can learn all types.
  • Humans: Humans can only use hand magic. It was for this reason the elves kicked their asses twice!

These races are able to use magic because they are able to attune their bodies to “pick up” divine energy and channel it. The easiest analogy is that of a radio. They can tune to the divine frequency and broadcast magic as a result.

Each deity is associated with a certain form of magic:

  • Elohim: All hand magic
  • Ulax: Shamanism
  • Armagda: Chaos magic
  • Harderith: Uthiran abilities
  • Illwyn: Nature and healing spells.
  • Bruenor: Earth and fire spells..
  • Alpha: Summoning(includes teleportation).
  • Thagnar: Necromancy
  • Aquillia: Air and water spells


In part 2, I’ll discuss individual styles of magic

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