#teamfollowback = not following back!

#teamfollowback  is the twitter hashtag for those people who want to amass followers simply to amass followers. It is the gutter, the slum, where the worst of the worst twitter has to offer congregate. These people have nothing to offer you. To them, you are nothing more than a number, one more person they can add to their cult of vanity. Tweet using #teamfollowback signals, “I don’t care who follows me just as long as they follow.” If I see someone in their profile or tweets using #teamfollowback, I’m not going to follow back or will unfollow you if tweet adder followed you.

#teamfollowback people are quite sad to me. They might have 100,000 followers but not a single friend. They are alone in life, not having anyone outside of the net, so they create a world where they’re popular, where people  care about what they have to say, but they don’t, because most of those followers are other fellow #teamfollowback users or spambots.

And even if I am wrong, and some of users are social butterflies off the net,  using #teamfollowback means you have nothing meaningful to say to begin with. Go ahead, go scroll down the listing of #teamfollowback. You will find bots of all kinds, people making random comments about nothing or replying to others in unrelated conversations, just with the hash tag. Except for possibly the news spambots, there is not one useful or interesting feed on there. Why? Because the interesting feeds don’t have to resort to cheap tricks to gain followers. They gain them because they have merit and are worth reading.

As much as I hate it, I don’t want it to go away. #teamfollowback and those hashtags like it(#autofollow) signals not to follow for those who actually want to use twitter for anything other than to boost their ego.

So thank you #teamfollowback for having the exact opposite effect of your intended purpose.

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