Enough with the online marketers on Twitter

As of this moment, my Twitter followers are at 3600 followers. That will probably change by the end of the day, with dozens of new followers. I have prediction, a good majority of them will be social media and other online marketers, whose sole job seems to be selling how to sell via search engine optimization, Twitter, Facebook, blogs ect, like this woman, and this guy (I think they’re firms but its beside the point) who are dime a dozen and follow and unfollow people faster than I do. You can always tells these people not just from their profiles but from their inflated follower/following numbers which are always within the 1.1 followers to 1 following ratio twitter requires to follow people past 2000 followings. This usually means they are using software which follows people and unfollows them when you don’t follow back. You get the lists of people to add usually from the followers of other users or via searching to see if they mention whatever its you’re selling. I use a major software of this kind called Tweet Adder, but there are other programs out there.

I used to be ignored by online marketers until I got 2000 followers and the flood gates really opened once I passed 3000. I’m seen as an influencer with that number of followers, therefore they should target me. To be honest, its not just online marketers, its twitter feeds talking everything from real estate in New Hampshire to ballet news to numerous ones not in English. These I don’t care about because I do the same thing, as I’ve followed people with Tweet Adder who could not possibly care about my books. Fine, don’t follow me back(and very often they don’t). This does not include the spambots, but I’ve always gotten and have always ignored those.

But these online marketers are different breed altogether and one that disturbs me, not because they exist or that they’re numerous, but because they exist in a feedback loop unto themselves. Take a look at their followers/followings listing, a huge number of them are other online marketing people, spambots and random people amassing followers just to make themselves feel more popular(usually using #teamfollowback). In essence, they are lying to you, inflating their numbers with junk accounts to make themselves look more important than they are to sell you the secrets to inflating your Twitter numbers. These people are worse than the spambots themselves because they are real people acting like spambots to sell you spambots, who are followed almost exclusively by spambots.

The feeds selling other things over time tend to become followed only by those people who care about the topic. For example,  my followers lists gets sifted down to people who’ll buy my books and are interested in what I have to say because I don’t automatically follow back anymore, and will unfollow Twitter feeds that I followed with Tweetadder but don’t care about.  I can’t say the same for these online marketers, who are mostly followed by very few people who care what they have to say, since most of their followers aren’t people at all.

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