The Impending Darkness is almost here

Preliminary cover and book blub

The Cromag Underground is in chaos.  The Krung, a gang of violent goblins from New Delta have taken over a valuable ore mine, and stabbed its owner, Mitch Harkin.  The monarchs of the twin cities of Brocenback and Alkhan are facing constant death threats from various angry factions over their plan to unite the cities under one throne.

Worst of all, the Armagdan Acolytes, the followers of the forbidden deity of destruction and disorder, have resurfaced after a thousand years.  The mind controlled legion now led by a twisted shaman named Qub, they seek nothing less than the destruction of the entire world.

Standing in their way are the K23 Detectives. Called to the Underground to deal with the Krung and the death threats, they quickly find the Acolytes can become more powerful the worse situation deteriorates. Forming an uneasy alliance with Mitch Harkin, they must work quickly to find Qub and stop him before the Acolytes can launch a devastating attack on the cities.

But among the giant steam machines, clockwork automatons and cramped twisting tunnels of the dwarves and gnomes, the detectives find themselves crippled by an enemy unlike any other they’ve faced before…

Now that I’ll have a trilogy on my hands, I can open the promotional floodgates. For one thing, The Impending Darkness is steampunk, which has a bigger, more defined fanbase than say cyberpunk does. Plus, I’ve written it so that you can show up in book 3 and not be lost,  sort of like how movies made from currently airing tv shows write themselves so having a familiarly helps, but is not critical to enjoyment.   Part of this is because the novel takes place almost entirely outside of New Delta, in a completely new setting that was only referred to in previous works, therefore even existing readers need to be brought into the setting.

Also, there’s  two ways you can enjoy my series now, either separately, or together for 2.99.  Note that while it seems you won’t be saving any money in the trilogy edition,  I’m going to tack on both Cybermagic novels, The Cybernetic Dragon and The Hidden Chasm, the original incarnations of the world and characters you can read about in my about page. Yes, they’re bizarre, but hey, they’re still complete reads with the first clocking in at 47K and the second at 42k, that can still be fun to read. They’ll only be in this edition and nowhere else. So,  You’ll getting three good novellas and two bizarre novels for three dollars.

They should both be out sometime in the next week or two.

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