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What Heiress’s Baby Daddy means for K23

The problem when writing a series is burnout, you tire of the characters, setting and plot. I had always planned upon the 3rd being released to slow down and take a few months to release a few side stories and write a non-K23 work and then go back and write the next three. This would allow me to recharge creatively and time to really start promoting as K23 will have three titles.

While waiting for the my illustrator to finish the cover and release the book,  I started into the 4th book and found it extremely difficult to write because I’ve been “living” in Terrall for 3 works already. I haven’t burned out, not at all,  it’s just time to take some time away from Alfonso, Quintanelle and the gang.

Therefore, I’m going to write my romance, Heiress’s Baby Daddy, and release a few k23 short stories either here on the blog or elsewhere. Once that’s done  then I’ll finish the 4th K23 Detectives book. I know what the plot is and I have a stellar start, but I think taking time off will let me come up with the best story possible. Plus by writing a “standard romance” I can then go and add a believable romance subplot for Quintanelle(she a girly romantic at heart).

So stay tuned, I’m not going anywhere.

The third book, The Impending Darkness, which has heavy steampunk elements, will be released in August.

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