Welcome to the Dystopia: We’re Living In It

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the rise in popularity of dystopian novels. I don’t have to read a single one of those novels,  I don’t even have to know the plots to tell you why.

We’re living in a dystopia.

US debt levels are getting unmanageable, not to mention personal debt levels. Health care costs are spiraling  out of control. Jobs continue to be scare. Temperatures continue to rise as glaciers continue to melt.

Instead of doing anything about it, our government is deadlocked and doing nothing and corporations continue to worsen the problem by continuing  to act like psychopaths and putting profit above social responsibility. Hell, one entity that will remain nameless blatantly wants to make our country a complete dystopian shithole by destroying our government, removing social welfare programs and environmental protections while making the rich richer and corporations even more powerful.

The end result will be our modern American lifestyle will disappear in our lifetimes. My generation, gen Y, is the first generation in a really long time to be on target to overall do worse that our parents did. The party is over, it was unsustainable from the start. In some ways I personally feel we’re at the dawn of “the fall of Roman Empire 2.0.”

Any work of fiction mirror the place and time in which it was written, dystopian fiction mirrors ours… because our world is becoming a dystopia itself.

P.S. I can write this post with authority because my series contains dystopian themes all over the place. See the fourth word in A Clear and Feathered Danger‘s book blurb.

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