Think Life Sucks? Buck Up, It Could Be Far, Far Worse

I given a lot of opinions but have given out scarce information about myself. Part of this has to with a little secret of mine that would come out eventually. I can’t believe I’m doing this but…

I have High Functioning Autism, more commonly known as Aspergers.

Phew, what a relief to get that off my chest!  You might never hear me mention it again, but there it is.

“Wait, how could you write such interesting characters if people with autism are incapable of reading other people?”

Now no two people with aspergers are alike. Sure there are commonalities, but everyone is different. I can read and understand other people, but often I have trouble knowing how act based on that information, off the written page. I have fine motor skills issues, extreme organization and attention to detail issues and whole list of other problems I’m not going even going to into. I could write a book how my life has been a giant tragedy since day 1, with  employment, romantic and general social failures, one after another.

Still,  I’m doing just fine. I have a nice room I rent in a house with a roommate who helps me clean organization. I have health insurance. I am not starving. I have a supporting family. I have two college degrees(BA in Philosophy and Religion and Accounting Certificate). I’m great with animals(see photos) and  an excellent petsitter. And above all, I can write a book where the villains are 5 foot purple macaws, or some other insane premise that wouldn’t make it past the query stage at an agents office, and actually make it work.

I take a look at the world and the injustice around me and still wouldn’t trade me my birth spot of being born in the US to an upper middle class family in the late 20th century for any other place and any other time. I take a look at the people around me and wonder why they’re always declaring this the worst time in history or the beginning of the end.

If it wasn’t global warming, it’s nuclear war. If it wasn’t nuclear war, it’s the Plague. If it isn’t the Plague its pillaging warlords. Corporations may be dominate now, but who remembers the Trusts, or kings, or the medieval Church or the Roman Empire? Democracy bad? Let’s try totalitarianism on for size. Health care costs may be spiraling out of control, but we today are some of the healthiest, longest living people on the planet now, or at any other time in history. In fact, I would’ve died as infant if it wasn’t thanks to modern health care, which is a privilege, not a right, I’m happy I even have it and I only due to a stroke of luck of who my parents were.

I’m  bringing all this up because in my last post,  I put on a rather grim view of today and we do in live in a dystopia, but life has always been a dystopia. There’s always been suffering there’s always been pain. There has always been injustice, there has been the strong trampling over weak.

Even more, I personally believe there is no god, or at least a god that cares, if one exists at all. Therefore, whether or not a god exists, nobodies watching and nobody cares. Once we die, that’s it, there’s no afterlife,we get one shot and that’s it. We’re evolved pond scum living on rock flying around a star in the backwater of some galaxy. We’re more like other animals than most would like to admit.

But  I find that cold dose of reality freeing, because I don’t have to worry about the next life and what some god may or not do to me. I can worry about making this life and the world around me the best place it can be, because this is all there is. Plus,we should be happy with what we do have, because we should be glad that we have or modern lifestyles at all. I’m thankful I can take the time to even sit here and write this.

The glaciers may be melting and government debt is overwhelming, but I’m just glad I’m still alive.

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