Submission for Review: Why I feel for book bloggers

I’ve been submitting A Clear and Feathered Danger for review, I have to, its how I spread the word. If I make it past the opening letter, it will go into the pile and maybe, if they get around to it, it will be reviewed and might get a good review… maybe.

I feel for them.

Too many titles, too little time. You get to review the good stuff and…and the stuff that is so bad you need therapy. You get the nice authors who thank you and the ones that hate you for hating their pride and joy, and then there are the flames… Sometimes you continue on through sheer force of will because you will never see one single cent for your hard work. But then you find someone who discovered a treasure thanks to you and it makes it all worth it.

How do I know this? Say hello to the The XNA Roundup where I review Xbox Live Indies Games.

For those who don’t  know, Microsoft has released a set of tools called XNA that allows anybody to program and put a game up for sale, available on any xbox 360 with Xbox Live access, ANYBODY. So you get the whole gamut of quality from the truly original and amazing to the painfully bad and downright offensive.

I’ve seen it all, I’ve played it all. In some ways I’ve become sort of jaded, dismissing games simply on genre alone because I’ve seen so many twin-stick zombie shooters. I actually have to pay for most my games, since most developers never think to actually send review codes. I’m  a few hundred in the hole from the year and a half I’ve been doing this, none of which will ever be recovered. I also have a game blacklist that constantly stays over a hundred, some of which will get never reviewed, because every time I turn my back, a dozen more have been released.

But I keep going, making sure to release at least one or two reviews a week. I do this because of those gems that make all the shit worth it, I’ve even made a list of them.

So in the end, to the reviewers, if you skip my title, never get around to it, or rip my ego apart, it’s quite alright because I’m in no position to complain. I do the exact same thing to many other people. I’d love it  ifyou all review A Clear and Feathered Danger and declare it the second coming of fantasy, but I’m sure you hear that from every book you review.

If I had a dollar from every time I heard marketing blurbs state that a game was the most amazing original thing ever created, I’d be rich.

So here is at least one author who doesn’t take you for granted and salutes your efforts for little or no glory at all.

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  • Reply
    July 19, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    lol I wouldn’t say that I ever need therapy for reading a bad book. I have a very big taste that usually covers every end of fantasy and science fiction. If a book is off the scale, chances are I love it more. If I do end up somehow hating it, I’ve learned how to find what is good in it despite that. Practice practice.

    Speaking of video games, I still need to finish FFVIII! I agree on the not having enough time part! And I’m going to swat the next person to complain how linear it is. Maybe when I was 12 I had the time to spend hours and hours searching off the map for extra stuffs, but now I’m completely content with having ever path and toy just flat-out handed to me.

    It’s kinda like that with book reviewing now that I think about it. Save me the search, help me keep my book blog fresh, and I’ll return the time with my opinion.

    Easymode easily. And my hoard of books is looking great! Including yours that I have down on my calender for the 19th of August for review. Will be stalking nearby till then. ^ ^

  • Reply
    Noah Murphy
    July 19, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    Well assuming ACAFD’s review is good, guess what’s coming next?

  • Reply
    Helen Hanson
    July 19, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    Walked a mile in the shoes, eh? Perspective is essential.

    Take care.

  • Reply
    July 19, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    It better be a sequel or a new book coming next, and you better send it to me early!

    • Reply
      Noah Murphy
      July 19, 2011 at 7:39 pm

      I’ll submit What Lies Within Now, I don’t want to ask people to review stuff early, but since you asked… check your email

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