Terrall in Depth

Terrall in Depth: Let’s Talk Tower Size

In the novels I describe New Delta as roughly 1,600 towers between five and six thousand feet high, built on mile square plots with 5 “towers”  taking up more than one plot for an actual number of 1,581 actual towers. The Clear and  Feathered Danger cover, while awesome, actually got the tower sizes wrong which was fine as one tower taking up an background would’ve been boring.

Thanks to google sketchup I roughly sketched out roughly how big we’re  talking here:

Stair Step(one plot) with Pentagon(Tower E-33 with fewer steps than actual)

Athletics Complex(4 plots) with London Olympic Stadium floating inside the Cloudplex, the transforming stadium that tops it.

City City Pryamid(4 plots) with Sears Tower, Burg Khalifa and Burg Al(under construction).

One plot Circular tower(A-1) with Burg Khalifa. A-1 is actually 3000 feet tall, but it was the first tower built.

Now imagine over 1,500 towers this big and you’ve got New Delta. Now of course these are just simple shapes, the actual towers would be more detailed with windows and vents and doors and garages and tram lines.

My influences are simple: Blade Runner and The Fifth Element. I tried to imagine just how many people could live and work in such a city like mine and the cities in these films because they never exactly say. I came up with roughly two hundred million or so. I could probably cram more in, honestly, but I’m not going to overthink this too much.

So there you have it, a rough idea of how big my grandiose vision is.

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