Terrall in Depth

Terrall in Depth: Geography of Hominia

Thanks to Jonathan Roberts

This is a map of Hominia, the continent where the vast majority of the K23 Detectives stories will take place.  As you can see, Terrall  has three other continents: Uthira, Elemchi and the Barrenlands. Maps of them will show up eventually if the series gets far enough that our heroes spend a book there.

So, let’s go over the various places in Hominia, clockwise from the bottom left:

Southern Deltan Plains: Basically a savannah. It’s hot, windy and has short rainy seasons. Humans come from here.

Northern Deltan Plains: Think great plains. Most of New Delta’s food production is located here.

Forest of Illywn: Giant temperate forest and home of the elves. Sacred to Illwyn. Teolos, the crystalline city, is here.

Cromag Range: Giant mountain range beneath which is the Cromag Underground, home to dwarves and gnomes and setting for the upcoming third book. Brocenback is the dwarven city, Alkhan is the gnomish city.

Alamaro Wastelands: A large desert created because of the Cromag Range. The City of Sands is located here, built around the only  oasis in the whole desert. The only native creatures here are gigantic sandworms.

Alamaro Highlands: Desert highland with a river-created canyon running through it. Home to the Komodo, lizard people and distant cousins to the Uthirans.

Kobold Steppes: A highland plain where Kobolds farm gelatinous cubes. Tirkvah is the only permanent settlement in the area.

Backwater Bay: Home the aquatic Mers, they’ll sink any ship that attempts to sail into their waters.

Mederwari Jungle: Rainforest. Would’ve been cut down millennia before if it weren’t so remote. Easier for the dwarves to attempt to cut down the Forest of Illwyn instead. Siqun is a giant resort built in the trees run by the Purrs, a race of cat-people.

The Ogunlands: A swampy jungle, native home of the battle-hungry ogres. Gruck, a disease-ridden shithole which barely qualifies as a city, is located here. Fun fact, Ogun is the Voodoo god of war.

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