To the future!

34 books sold from 6/16 to 7/1. Not a while lot of money at 99 cents. But no reviews have gone up yet, I have yet to use fFacebook really, and there’s only one book out at the moment.  The one book thing will change in two weeks, when What Lies Within goes on sale, also for  99 cents.  Two books to market, twice the sales potential. By that point, I should have at least one A Clear and Feathered Danger review out with more on the way. Then by at September at the latest, the third book, The Impending Darkness will be out. Price TBD.

So yeah, only 34 books to start, but it’s only to start.

Watch out, because when I’m done,  I’ll be selling a lot of books.

“But wait, Noah, most books sell like garbage!”

That they do, but if I set out thinking I was going to fail, then I might well quit right now.   Am I going to be John Locke? No. But do I think my stuff is of such quality I can carve out a niche? Absolutely.

Besides, I set out thinking I’d sell ten copies and that would be it. It’s already exceed my expectations.

Hopefully I’ll only go up from here.


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