I hate McDonald’s Advertising.

I’m a pet sitter. I drive a lot. I listen to the radio, a lot. I hear McDonald’s commercials, a lot. I cannot stand them, at all. Why? Just listen to these series of commercials:

It’s not just a fish sandwich, its THE FILLET-O-FISH!

The McGriddles is so good, somebody had to rap about it

I’m going nuts for […]

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K23 Side Story: Wild Woman

This is a older story from Sandworm Rodeo starring Metara Fillion, an elven character from Deltan Skies, but reading that book is not required. 

A twenty-one year old Metara Fillion stood at attention next to her fellow cadets in a Sector Omega base training room, a bare stone room. In front of her marched Training Mistress […]

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The Future of this site

Since my twitter feed is gone, nobody is looking….  except for the countless people who chime in  that I have to be lying about what I observed at Piratz because a slickly produced and edited reality show designed to tell a particular narrative cannot possibly be lying. It never fails to amaze me that people will believe anything […]

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I’m exiting Twitter.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been dealing with issues that have made it clear that I can no longer be on Twitter. Therefore, I’m deleting my account and disappearing from it. Just know that I’m not disappearing completely,  but it will be without Twitter .I don’t see this as an end, but merely the […]

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Why I have a problem with #yesallwomen

I cannot even imagine what’s its like to be a woman, not in a million years. I can write deep women in fiction, but they’re just characters from my head. The amount of sexism that women encounter in intense. Every day they have face harassment and threats of domestic violence and assault, that I, as […]

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Candy Crush Saga and the Erosion of the Middle Class

For those living under a rock, Candy Crush Saga is an incredibly popular and quite good free to play game where you match gams candy under various conditions, like taking certain jewels ingredients to the bottom of the board in a certain number of moves.Its free to play meaning you don’t have to pay a […]

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My next book will fail!

The Self-Publishing Industry was once hailed as a new day for authors. Freed of greedy publishers, they could chart a new course to success. Instead, the self-publishing industry has produced a sea of garbage written by people following bad advice from self-help writing gurus with ulterior movies. But even talented writers still face a near […]

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Deltan Skies has been out….

Deltan Skies has actually been out for two weeks, I just forgot to update the front page to make note of it. Good news is, in the time it’s been out, it’s sold more copies that Ethereal Girls did in for its first 4 months of release. See why it has today!

A  young elven mage […]

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K23 Side Story: Weeding Out the Weak

Uylouth was anxious. The six century old silver Uthiran had sat in her cavern on her nest made of rocks for the past year. Finally, her thirty-three eggs were about to hatch. Her mate, a red Uthiran named Tokiron, lazed outside their cavern high in one of Uthira’s numerous mountain ranges. Breed always went through […]

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Deltan Skies Revealed

People may have noticed an extreme lack of content on this blog for the last several months. If Ethereal Girls taught me anything, it is blog posts do not sell books and all the marketing in the world will not help if people do not like what you’re selling(unless they troll you). However,  I have […]

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